The Brand Arya Esha

Arya Esha is an award winning and celebrity favorite jewelry brand.  Arya Esha jewelry embodies wearable glamour distinguished by cosmopolitan chic.  Each Arya Esha piece is expertly hand crafted using ethically sourced gemstones and conflict and devastation free diamonds. 

Arya Esha has won numerous design awards, including a 2016 American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) Spectrum Award, 2015 Jeweler’s Circular Keystone (JCK) Rising Star Award, 2015 JCK Editor’s Choice Top 3 Designers Award, First Place in the 2015 Texas Jewelers' Association (TJA) Design Competition, and a 2014 Commendation Award from the Cultured Pearl Association of America. Arya Esha has a celebrity following, which includes Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, Claire Danes, and Kerry Washington.

The Meaning of Arya Esha

Arya Esha, pronounced Are-ya Ee-shah, means Goddess of Truth in the ancient North Indian language Sanskrit. The inspiration for the name comes from a trait Priyanka noticed in almost every person she met during her world travels as an international lawyer and scholar: We are all in search of our own meaningful truth, and we find it in different stages, roles, and places in our lives. The Arya Esha brand honors and celebrates a person’s quest for truth and meaning.

The Designer Priyanka Murthy

Priyanka Murthy is the founder and chief designer of Arya Esha. She has been designing jewelry for decades, even throughout her notable career in law and political science. While participating in human rights law missions in Africa, and evaluating complex political problems as a Fulbright Scholar in Europe, Priyanka learned that she is most effective when she lets her heart drive her and her mind direct her. 

“At the intersection of the heart and mind lies that which is most meaningful.”

Priyanka’s designs reflect the meaning she finds when she lets her heart do the talking and her mind do the walking. Informed by her background in academia and law, Priyanka’s designs are inspired by the juxtaposition of the intangible -- ideas and theories -- with the tangible --nature and art. Priyanka received formal training in jewelry and gemstones from the GIA. Priyanka also holds a law degree and an undergraduate degree from Northwestern University and completed Masters Studies as a Fulbright Scholar from Copenhagen University, Denmark. 

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